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    It’s more than light, because it’s more than an aquarium.

    Now also available for Mac OS!

    Available in Europe!
    Soon available in Europe!
    Soon available in Europe!
    Soon available in Europe!

    Switch to Philips CoralCare LED to give your reef a natural appearance and make your corals grow. All in a robust and efficient fixture that is passively cooled and easy to control. With a validated lighting recipe and optimized optics, you can take the next step for your fish tank.


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    The story behind CoralCare

    Light settings Luc Vogels

    Our main developer and reefer himself, Luc Vogels, explains what drove him to develop CoralCare. Read the story about the development and testing experience.

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    The right light for every coral reef

    Reviews of user experiences

    CoralCare has been extensively tested. Read what the users have experienced during the testing.

    The reviews contain personal experiences and images. Therefore, Philips can accept no liability concerning these contents.

    The users have also supplied their personal light settings. You can download the settings, copy them to your computer and open with the CoralCare software.

    Tanne Hoff
    The Netherlands

    I was impressed with the quantity and spread of the light, but also with the way the colours look. Friends who also keep reef aquaria compliment me with the look these lights give.

    Twan Peeters-Updated
    The Netherlands

    I’m very satisfied with the color rendering. Also the corals seems to appreciate this light and that shows in the growth of the corals. Also the colors start to further develop.

    Jens Standke - New images!

    An additional benefit is the 50% reduction in power consumption compared with the previous 10 x T5 lighting.

    Erik van Dijk - Updated
    The Netherlands

    I am very pleased with the Philips lamps. I had already bought a luminaire for my large aquarium, 3x 250 W HQI and 4x T5. But I am not going to use this anymore, these Philips lamps produce a really nice light.

    Michiel Schmeitz
    The Netherlands

    My experience so far (18-05-2016) is very good. I feel the colors of the corals have become deeper and more intense and that all of the corals have growth tips, even the SPS corals that are on the bottom.

    Theo van den Berg

    A benefit which I highly appreciate is the fact that CoralCare makes use of passive cooling. It improves the robustness of the fixture and I do not expect any technical issues. Next to that, due to the efficiency of the fixture and LED technology, I do not have to cool the temperature of the water anymore.
    Recifial image

    Recifal News

    The first scientific studies using them have proven that growth under this rail is identical to that under T-5, the lighting often considered to be the benchmark for SPS growth in particular.




    Having the power supply inside the chassis is also a plus! Less heat released to the sump, if contained within the furniture, as most users will certainly do. And, above all, a perfect external ventilation, which fosters the ideal working temperature range.

    Research & Media


    Extensive research has been done to test the CoralCare fixture. The results can be found in reports and videos. Independent users have reviewed the fixture and shared their findings . An independent facebook group has been started by CoralCare fans and on several forums the fixture is being talked about. You can find it all below.

    Coral growth and reef development with Philips CoralCare

    Luminaire LED

    • 190 W
    • Perfect light balance
    • Low energy consumption



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    Are you convinced about all the unique features of the Philips CoralCare LED fixture and do you also want to give your reef a natural appearance? Don’t wait any longer, buy now!

    How to install


    The CoralCare fixture and controller are easy to install. Watch the video for the step by step installation instructions.

    Thumbnail installation video

    Download CoralCare software


    To determine the correct light intensity you need to download this software.


    By downloading the CoralCare controller software, capable of controlling the light settings of the CoralCare system, you accept the terms and conditions governing the use of such software.

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