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Halogen bulbs and candles phase out from September 2018 onwards

As you might have heard, the process of gradual phase out of inefficient, energy-consuming light has started in the European Union. Why? Well, compared to LEDs for instance, halogen bulbs consume five times more energy and emit significantly more heat. All of which negatively impacts the environment.


This means that Halogen bulbs and candles can no longer be produced or imported for resale into the EU. (Any remaining halogen bulbs and candles on commercial stock can still be sold out after this date.) But there is a very good alternative: LED – with lots of great benefits and they also come in an extensive range to replace your halogen bulbs.

Check out the brochure to find the recommended LED replacements for the halogen bulbs and candles.

halogen bulbs and candles

What does it mean


Philips offers a compelling range of LED alternatives to replace the banned 230-240 V halogen bulb and candle bulbs. Some types of halogen bulbs: such as capsules, linear, low voltage reflectors bulbs - will still be available and can be sold in EU.

Philips' LED alternatives to replace the banned halogen bulb and candle lamps
 Halogen product banned from entering EU market

Why choose LED

warm white light

Warm white light

Create a warm, cosy atmosphere with LED lighting
energy efficient LED

Energy efficient

Longer lifetime and uses up to 80% less energy than traditional lamps
quality of light

Quality of light

Enjoy perfect light quality. Instant on with no warm up time
dimmable LED


Create the right atmosphere with dimmable LED lighting. Easy to recognize by this logo on the packaging
step up to led

Step up to LED bulbs now


By switching your lighting from halogen bulbs and candles to LED, you can save energy and money without compromising on the quality of lighting in your home. Philips LEDs look, feel and illuminate just like halogen bulbs, but are up to 80% more energy efficient. So it’s time to step up to LED bulbs!

Experience LED

Philips offers energy efficient and cost effective LED replacements


Find the right LED bulb replacement

Experience LED

Switch to light that’s
easy on your eyes


Philips LED bulbs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. So it’s easy for you to switch to LED. You will save energy but even better, you can choose a comfortable light that’s easy on your eyes.

Designed for the comfort of your eyes. Visit for flicker, strobe and other eye comfort parameters and product details.