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    Experience the versatility of dimmable LED bulbs

    Create the mood you want, with or without a dimmer switch


    Having the ability to adjust the brightness of your light lets you create the perfect atmosphere in your home, anytime. Our wide selection of dimmable LED bulbs makes it easy to find the right light for any room in your home. Expect quality light and visual comfort from a brand you trust. All Philips dimmable LED bulbs meet EyeComfort criteria by providing a consistent output with no flicker or hum, even at low light levels.

    Choose between three types of dimming:

    WarmGlow, SceneSwitch, and Smart lighting


    With LED, you can dim your lights even if you don’t have a dimmer switch. We offer three different types of dimmable LED bulbs: Standard dimming with a dimmer switch, SceneSwitch dimming with your existing light switch, and Smart Lighting that dims with an app. But not all LEDs are dimmable, so make sure you look at the packaging to find the right dimmable bulb for you.

    People enjoying the warm glow of a dimmed light bulb in a living room



    Dim the traditional way with a compatible dimmer switch. Available in standard dimmable LED and dimmable LED with a warm glow effect. Check the packaging for the option that’s best for you.

    All three scenarios of the Philips SceneSwitch LED bulb light settings in one image



    No dimmer switch? No problem. SceneSwitch works with your existing light switch. Toggle to switch to change between three brightness settings. Available in soft white, daylight, and colour change options.

    Woman controlling the lights in her living rooms with her smartphone

    Smart lighting


    Dim the lights and so much more with smart LED light bulbs. Control the brightness of your lights with an app, your favorite voice device, or your existing light switch.

    Dimmer compatibility

    Get the most out of Philips dimmable LED bulbs by pairing them with compatible dimmers and controls. Don’t see your dimmer on the list? Get into contact with our customer care team. Go to support.
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