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    Every day, corporate real estate professonals face new challenges in managing their property portfolios. As cost control, productivity, and sustainability rise to the top of the agenda, these objectives can clash with bottom-line thinking and business as usual. 

    Add disruptive technologies, such as Big Data and the Internet of Things, shifting workforce demographics, and a new emphasis on workplace wellness, and corporate real estate professionals have their hands full. 

    Are you on top of it all? The expert perspectives we’ve gathered here will help you make sense of the changing landscape of corporate real estate.

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    SpaceWise LED lighting 

    Reduce energy costs without compromising eye comfort

    Case Study

    The Edge

    A more comfortable, productive and sustainable office

    Application Area

    Safer, Smarter Facilities

    Reduce costs while improving productivity and safety

    Case Study

    Citi Balconies

    See how LED light fittings are helping Citi to significantly reduce energy consumption

    Public Spaces

    Create efficient, livable cities


    Build a smarter city with connected lighting that can reduce energy and maintenance costs, stimulate economic development, and enhance the life of citizen

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    Building a smarter city

    Discover research and insight into smart cities

    Case Study

    Isle of Wight

    New street lighting on Isle of Wight delivers significant energy savings


    CityTouch connected lighting

    Smart street lighting saves energy and improves safety

    Case Study


    New street lighting is making Orford a more welcoming place at night

    Retail & hospitality

    Enhance the in-store experience


    With the right LED lighting retailers can create a compelling brand identity to engage and inspire shoppers.  While software apps over in-store positioning (IPS) can guide and personalize the shopping experience.

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    Case Study

    ASWAAQ Supermarket

    A personalized shopping experience with indoor positioning


    LED Freshfood Light Recipes

    Light to increase sales and reduce waste 


    Smart Retail

    Discover research and insight into smart retail

    Application Area

    A desitination to remember

    Creating a unique and memorable experience for every guest


    Improve your well-being 


    Our lighting innovations will change how you experience light.

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    Connected lighting

    Light your home smarter with Hue


    LED lighting

    LED light and EyeComfort



    Versatile indoor and outdoor fixtures



    One bulb - your switch 3 light settings