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    Dimmable LED light bulbs with a warm glow effect

    The more you dim, the warmer the light


    Not all LEDs dim the same. Philips LED bulbs with a warm glow dimming effect, dim just like traditional incandescent bulbs. They get warmer in tone as the light gets dim. Other LED bulbs simply get less bright, without the cozy glow. Watch the video to see it in action.

    Philips dimmable LED bulbs with a cozy warm glow

    Lady using a dimmer switch to change the ambiance in a room

    Compare the difference

    Philips dimmable LED, warm glow
    Comparison of light effects in a room between a Philips Warmglow LED bulb and a regular dimmable LED bulb.
    Standard dimmable LED

    Dimmer compatibility


    Get the most out of dimmable LED bulbs by pairing them with compatible dimmers and controls. Don’t see your dimmer on the list? Get into contact with our customer care team. Go to support.

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