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The more you dim,
the warmer the light

Experience Philips WarmGlow

WarmGlow bulbs deliver a warm, dimming effect that can transform your living areas with a cozy ambiance.  Until recently, this warm light was only available in halogen or incandescent bulbs, now it’s available in LED.

See the difference

Comparison of standard and Philips dimmable lights 1
Met WarmGlow dim je je led lampen voor de juiste sfeer voor jouw situatie

Create the right atmosphere

Your home is your everything.  It’s where you work, play and entertain.  With a WarmGlow LED bulb, you can make a room more inviting and cozy.  The more you dim them, the warmer the light becomes.

In the spotlights

Flip the switch, change the setting

Change the mood with a Philips SceneSwitch bulb. No dimmer needed.

Designed to be seen

Add beauty and style to your home with a classic design.

Find the right bulb

Philips has the most comprehensive range of LED bulbs. Our Bulb Advisor tool helps you make the right choice.