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    Why Philips EyeComfort LEDs

    Poor light quality could cause eye strain. Philips LED lights are designed to be easy on your eyes. That is what you can expect from a trusted brand.
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    Philips LED lamps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. So, it’s never been easier to switch to LED. Your energy bill will thank you, but more importantly you’ll be able to choose a comfortable light that easy on your and your family’s eyes.
    • LED Candle (Dimmable)


      Candle (Dimmable)

      • 5W (40W)
      • E14
      • Warm white
      • Dimmable
    • LED Lamp (Dimmable)


      Lamp (Dimmable)

      • 5.5 W (40 W)
      • E27
      • Warm white
      • Dimmable
    • LED Lamp (Dimmable)


      Lamp (Dimmable)

      • 8 W (60 W)
      • B22
      • Warm white
      • Dimmable

    What are the benefits of EyeComfort?


    There are many LED lights on the market today, but they are not all created equal. This is why we developed our Philips EyeComfort range. Our LEDs all conform to our EyeComfort standard, which measures our products against a set of key comfort criteria: flicker, glare, stroboscopic effect, photobiological safety, dimmable, tuning and color rendering – factors that can impact the comfort of your eyes.


    Flicker and Strobe


    Some LEDs may appear to flicker or produce a stroboscopic effect. This could cause distraction, irritation and affect certain health conditions.

    LEDs are designed to minimize the factors that cause these effects, ensuring complete comfort for the eyes whether you’re reading, working or relaxing.

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    Some LEDs give off glare, where it is difficult to see due to the brightness of the light. This could cause visual discomfort and even headaches.

    EyeComfort LEDs are designed to reduce glare, ensuring complete comfort for the eyes in every room of your home.

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    Photo biological safety

    Photobiological safety

    Concerning photobiological safety, our LEDs are not different from traditional incandescent lamps. They do not contain higher amounts of short wavelength light which can cause blue light hazard and fall well within safety standards.
    Photo biological safety video
    Color rendering

    Color Rendering

    Color rendering refers to how well a light source renders color.

    EyeComfort LEDs have a high Color Rendering Index, meaning that your home's furnishings appear in high definition and true color.

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    Tunability icon



    Many LEDs emit just one ‘color temperature’ – such as warm white or cool daylight –

    which means you cannot change the mood in a room.

    However, tunable EyeComfort LEDs allow you to adjust the color temperature. That lets you select an invigorating cool light in the mornings for instance, or a cozy dim light at night.

    Tunability video
    Noise icon



    Some people find that LEDs produce an irritating hum. This is caused by the way the bulbs use electricity to emit light.


    EyeComfort LEDs were designed to eliminate audible noise so that you can work, study and play without any distractions.

    Strobe video
    Dimmable icon



    Some 'dimmable' LEDs of lower quality tend to flicker when you turn the light down.


    Our EyeComfort LEDs use smart electronic design so that you can create the perfect ambiance and enjoy a gentle solution for your eyes. 

    Dimmable video

    “Choosing the right lighting is very important”


    “The type of lighting we use day to day can have an impact on our quality of life. For instance, controlling the colour and intensity of lighting over the course of the day can improve our sleep patterns, which can be critical to well-being and health. By contrast, poor artificial lighting can have deleterious effects on the quality of life and lead to disturbed sleep patterns, eye discomfort, and even headaches. Choosing the right lighting is important.”

    Andrew Stockman Professor at the Institute of Ophthalmology
    Andrew Stockman, Professor at the Institute of Ophthalmology
    University College London (UCL)
    Critical benefits of EyeComfort

    Critical benefits of EyeComfort


    Lighting can play an important role for, productivity, children’s eyesight development, aiding the elderly and our wake-up and sleep-cycle. Watch the video of Andrew Stockman, Professor of Ophthalmology, about how EyeComfort achieves good lighting and why it is necessary.

    Eyesight facts and figures

    Eyesight facts and figures


    How do people in different parts of the world think about lighting? We asked over 10,000 people across the planet about their attitudes to lighting. View our key findings to see how you compare.

    Global research shows that eyesight deterioration is a big fear with people, but few take steps to maintain it. Improving the comfort of your eyes could be as simple as screwing in a different light bulb. Click below to see what findings we shared with the media.

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    EyeComfort LED lamps and fixtures are designed to deliver high quality, comfortable light. Browse our complete range of LEDs to bring EyeComfort into every room in your home.


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    Designed for the comfort of your eyes. Visit for flicker, strobe and other EyeComfort criteria and product details.