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    Connected Lighting

    Experience the full potential of connected lighting

    With the introduction of connected lighting, we can control lighting whether at home, in the office or in a hotel, simply by pushing a button on our mobile device. Yet connected lighting opens up far more possibilities: it creates new ways of experiencing light. We call it … Hue.


    Welcome to the family!

    Wireless technology grants you the ability to connect your Hue system to other lights. The Hue family is ever-growing: connect your lights to Hue tap – a wireless switch you can take anywhere –, Friends of Hue and Hue Beyond.

    connected lighting

    Philips Hue

    Our homes have changed radically over the past century. So why do we still use lighting that's based on 19th century technology? Well, that's all about to change. With Philips hue you can use your lighting to change your decor, keep your home safe, help you focus and even let you know when a loved one sends an email. Lighting has changed.

    connected lighting
    Philips Hue
    connected lighting with Hue

    How does our revolutionary wireless solution work?

    Simply hook up your wireless LED light bulbs to the bridge – the central hub that is connected to your router – and switch on your lights via your mobile device. Hue gives you access to more than 16 million colors for you to enjoy and create the atmosphere you want. You don’t even have to be at home to control your lights – Myhue portal is an online control panel that connects you to Hue, from anywhere in the world.


    Wireless lighting tailored to your mood

    With Hue you can pick one of a dozen pre-set recipes that will transform your room instantaneously, or you can add a personal touch to your wireless lighting experience. Want to relive that picture perfect sunset? Simply add the picture to your library and Hue does the rest!

    The really clever bit … lighting notifications

    Light can also be used to notify you during the day. In its most simple form, light can wake you up in the morning – by recreating the natural light of the morning sun – , or it can tell you to go to sleep at night – by automatically dimming the lights at the pre-defined hour. But it doesn’t stop there. Via the IFTTT service, connect your wireless lighting to the Internet and receive lighting notifications when you get an important email, when it’s starts raining or when your favorite football team is on.

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