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    Connected lighting;

    advanced technology that delivers revolutionary results

    Connected lighting; advanced technology that delivers revolutionary results

    Our Xitanium Sensor-Ready (SR) drivers enable the generation, sharing and distribution of data that is vital to a wide range of environments and applications. And, thanks to our SR partner program, they can be linked to a growing list of sensors and components.


    There are so many benefits associated with our SR drivers. They deliver significant savings, in terms of energy costs. They are easy to configure, for example through simple Philips Field Apps for smartphones. In application areas ranging from office and industry to outdoor, they add intelligence and bring new possibilities to lighting networks such as sharing energy consumption data or identifying office occupancy patterns.


    As a Philips Lighting partner, you’re ideally positioned to lead this drive towards the smart products and solutions the world is looking for. 

    Connected lighting components - light beyond illumination

    The future is connected lighting that works with the Philips field app MC


    Philips field app MC enables taking a first step into connected lighting. By using the intuitive app to control wireless drivers, sensors, switches, and potentially gateways, it’s easy to set-up and configure a flexible lighting network. See for yourself and take simple, scalable and standardized lighting solutions to the next level.

    Certified drivers d4i logo

    Xitanium SR Outdoor LED Drivers receive D4i certification


    Learn how the recent D4i certification of outdoor LED drivers will impact the adoption and standardization of connected lighting.

    It’s simple to create connected systems; we provide all the building blocks you need

    Xitanium SR drivers and SR bridge


    These drivers simplify the design of luminaires for both indoor and outdoor use. They offer standard connection possibilities with sensors and can generate cost savings through the intelligent application of lighting. There is no need to replace existing drivers; the Xitanium SR bridge connects all standard Philips DALI drivers to our new SR certified sensors and modules. 

    EasyAir sensors


    Wireless EasyAir sensors save up to 50% energy with presence detection and daylight sensing, so lighting is only on when needed. The ideal solution for office, high-bay or outdoor applications.

    SR certified partner products


    For the ultimate reassurance of connectivity, Philips has initiated the SR partner program.

    SR partner program

    SR partner program


    The Philips SR partner program is an open innovation platform which uses standardized components and technologies to enable scalable, smart applications across the globe, independent of manufacturer. Companies' components and sensors are certified to be compatible with our Xitanium SR LED drivers. 


    There is a growing list of SR certified products. They cover a wide range of connected lighting solutions from trusted providers of sensor and connectivity modules, building management systems and city management systems.



    Reach out to us for more information. Get in touch with the local sales team in your region.