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    The new
    EasyAir Sensors

    Wireless sensors

    Wireless sensors


    EasyAir sensors bring huge benefits in terms of energy management. Lighting is only on when and where actually required. Energy savings are considerable; a combination of presence detection and daylight sensing can generate savings of up to 50%. 


    The wireless EasyAir sensors are ideal for office, high-bay or outdoor applications. 

    Easy to configure

    Easy to configure


    Configuration can be carried out beforehand using SimpleSet, or flexibly in the field via Philips Field Apps. 

    Easy to configure

    Easy to design-in


    Simple two-wire (indoor) or three-wire (outdoor) connection makes EasyAir sensors easy to design in.


    Case study: Connect to more energy savings

    Discover how a very unique office and retail development in Wiesbaden is utilizing EasyAir intelligent sensors to create a start-of-the-art lighting solution.

    Products in this family

    • For offices, schools and healthcare facilities
    • Easy, fast setup and configuration with Philips MasterConnect app (Philips field app MC)
    • Occupancy and daylight dependent lighting control
    • Grouping, zoning and scene setting
    • Scalable for use with gateways
    • For offices
    • Enables motion and daylight sensing
    • Group configuration possible
    • Set scenes via battery-free wireless switch
    • For industry and high-bay applications
    • Group and zone configuration possible
    • Enables motion and daylight sensing 
    • IP65 rating; goes up to ceiling heights of 16m
    Experience the future of lighting with SR

    Sensor-Ready commercial leaflet


    Explore the building blocks of our SR platform and the role they are already playing in redefining the standard for global connected lighting solutions.

    Supporting apps

    In Field Apps


    Easy on-site configuration through free to download smartphone apps:

    What else?

    Working with Philips IoT technologies couldn't be easier. Click on the icons below and find out about your benefits for an effective energy management and our SR partner program that offers you the ultimate reassurance of compatibility. We have been testing our products and services to ensure you a seamless workflow. 
    Sensor ready drivers
    SR Certified Partner Products



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