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    SR partner program

    About the program


    Our SR partner program offers the ultimate reassurance of compatibility. We provide all the details they require for the Xitanium SR LED driver interface for electrical and DALI data exchange protocols, so companies can develop components and sensors. We then test and certify those components for compatibility.  


    There is a growing list of SR certified products that are compatible with Philips Xitanium SR LED drivers. They cover a wide range of connected lighting solutions from trusted providers of sensor and connectivity modules, building management systems and city management systems. 

    SR certified products

    The program helps you put together a connected solution from participating companies in the knowledge that interoperability is guaranteed. 


    Explore all SR certified products. 

    SR certified products
    All SR certified products have been tested to ensure they work seamlessly with Xitanium SR drivers.

     SR Partner 

    Do you have an open platform architecture? The SR partner program is a seal of approval that helps you put together a connected solution without any worries about compatibility. The Xitanium SR LED drivers have an open platform architecture, so that complimentary functionality can be developed by other companies participating in the program. 


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    SR partner program



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