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    SR certified

    SR certified products


    For the ultimate reassurance of connectivity, Philips has initiated the SR partner program. This open innovation platform includes standardized components and technologies to enable scalable, smart applications across the globe, independent of manufacturer. Companies' components and sensors are certified to be compatible with our Xitanium SR LED drivers. 


    There is a growing list of SR certified products. They cover a wide range of connected lighting solutions from trusted providers of sensor and connectivity modules, building management systems (BMS) and city management systems (CMS). 


    The SR partner program therefore helps you put together a connected solution from different participating companies. You can then add complimentary functionality to our drivers, safe in the knowledge that all SR certified components are compatible with each other. 


    Philips Lighting assumes no legal liability or responsibility for any SR Certified product of a partner and all liability in connection with any SR Certified product of a partner remain with the partner.

    Released SR certified products*

    SR partner
    SR certified product
    CBU-DCS CBM-002 module, (when used with suitable fixture ID profile, to be provided by Casambi)
    CP Electronics
    .iSLC3400 DC photocell
    Digital Lumens
    CS-D2, FS-D22
    eSave AG
    eSave SLC-DC and SLC-DC GPS, eSave SLC-AC and SLC-AC GPS
    Lucy Zodion
    PrecizionHALO photocell
    Vive Integral Fixture Control DFCSJ-OEM-OCC and DFCSJ-OEM-RF
    Magnum Energy Solutions
    Luxon IoT node
    WixLi WNZH100
    Philips EasyAir SNH200
    Philips EasyAir SNS200
    Philips EasyAir SNO110
    Philips LLC7270 Interact Ready Connector Node Dark Grey
    Philips LLC7271 Interact Ready Connector Node Light Grey
    Philips LLC7280 Interact Ready Connector Node NEMA
    Sensotec sensor SR HF2, Sensotec sensor SE PIR
    CitySense+ 115Vac MP Grey, CitySense+ 230Vac MP Black, CitySense+ 230Vac MP Grey, CitySense+ 230Vac MP Thorn
    SkyLite External 115Vac HP, SkyLite External 115Vac MP, SkyLite External 230Vac HP, SkyLite External 230Vac MP, SkyLite Internal 115Vac HP, SkyLite Internal 115Vac MP, SkyLite Internal 230Vac HP, SkyLite Internal 230Vac MP, SkyLite Prime
    Urban Control
    urbannode DC Zhaga
    *For a complete and up to date list of all SR compliant products we recommend to visit the websites of the SR partners
    Compatibility with outdoor CMS systems

    In the outdoor segment, the preferred option is to apply the SR driver in combination with the SR connector for both the CMS nodes and potentially additional sensors. However, in existing installations it can be requested to release the combination of the SR driver and 7 pin NEMA socket. The combination of SR driver and NEMA socket requires special attention and a full system verification is advised to avoid high customer dissatisfaction and significant costs to repair.

    Compatibility with SR sensors

    When SR certified sensor is applied in combination with CMS/BMS or second sensor, the CMS/BMS and/or sensor supplier must release the combination to ensure that the sensor will work seamlessly in the CMS/BMS or with the second sensor. For movement detection and other light control sensors, proper master-slave algorithm software needs to be included in the CMS/BMS to ensure consistent light behavior. CMS/BMS suppliers need to support sensors to allow that sensor data can be uploaded and made available in the CMS/BMS dashboard or API. Application owners need to inform their CMS/BMS supplier on SR sensor addition plans accordingly. CMS release of SR certified sensors is the responsibility of the CMS/BMS supplier.
    Experience the future of lighting with SR

    Sensor-Ready commercial leaflet


    Explore the building blocks of our SR platform and the role they are already playing in redefining the standard for global connected lighting solutions.



    Reach out to us for more information. Get in touch with the local sales team in your region.