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    SR Drivers

    SR Drivers


    Our Xitanium SR LED drivers have a standardized connection with sensors to eliminate the need for separate components - and to remove any concerns about compatibility. Fast and easy design-in means you spend less time and money bringing new connected solutions to market. 


    The Xitanium SR bridge allows several luminaires to be connected to a single sensor, without the need for you to replace your existing drivers.

    Products in this family

    Two-wire connection to indoor sensors
    Three-wire connection to outdoor sensors and nodes
    Experience the future of lighting with SR

    Sensor-Ready commercial leaflet


    Explore the building blocks of our SR platform and the role they are already playing in redefining the standard for global connected lighting solutions.

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    Working with Philips IoT technologies couldn't be easier. Click on the icons below and find out about your benefits for an effective energy management and our SR partner program that offers you the ultimate reassurance of compatibility. We have been testing our products and services to ensure you a seamless workflow. 
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