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    EasyAir SNS200


    The EasyAir SNS200 is a wireless option that combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and task tuning. It enables groups of sensors to work together and communicate with each other without the need for additional physical connection between luminaires. 


    The EasyAir SNS200 can be easily programmed via a smartphone running the Philips Field Apps. This gives tremendous flexibility when configuring luminaires into wireless groups.

    easyair sns200

    Application area



    • Simple grouping via NFC and IR using the Philips Field Apps
    • Occupancy sharing (a zone where motion is detected automatically goes to full light level, while other zones remain at background light level)
    • Easily create the right environment (e.g. presentation mode: low-level lighting near the screen, brighter towards the back of the conference room)
    Supporting apps

    In Field Apps


    Easy on-site configuration through free to download smartphone apps:



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