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    Simple, scalable, standardized: The future is stand-alone lighting that works with the Philips field app MC


    Philips field app MC enables taking a first step into connected lighting. By using the intuitive app to control wireless drivers, sensors, switches, and potentially gateways, it’s easy to set-up and configure a flexible lighting network. The innovative point and trigger approach that uses a torch to commission lights into the network, saves both time and financial resources. What’s more, the concept is highly scalable, because many of both Philips’ and third-party manufacturers’ components, can be added to the created lighting network and upgraded within the lighting ecosystem, thus ensuring future-proof performance and flexibility. And while standardization is a must, the entire system is built around Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Zigbee for maximum deployment convenience and reliability.


    See for yourself and take simple, scalable and standardized lighting solutions to the next level.

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    Simple installation –
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    The use of the Philips field app MC makes big lighting plans simple. All components are easily integrated into smart luminaries and connected via the user-friendly app (iOS and Android). Direct wireless communication between all components can be set up via the app, without the need of adding a gateway. Moreover, there is no pulling out of wires or having to install complicated control systems in order to meet almost any lighting demands. Philips field app MC is a simple way to create connected lighting networks.

    Increase productivity with connected lighting

    Case study: Increase productivity with connected lighting

    Discover how a school in Denmark has reached a state-of-art lighting solution enabled by Philips Tunable White technology. A comfortable, efficient, sustainable and human-centric environment for students and staff.
    Category 1 Get started

    A simple stand-alone solution


    • Philips field app MC (iOS & Android) can be used to set up lights and switches

    • Enjoy functionalities such as wireless dimming or scene setting with manual switches. Or go further with occupancy detection and daylight harvesting by adding external room-based sensors, such as the Philips EasyAir Occupancy Daylight ZGP sensors

    • Wireless lighting network can be established without the use of a gateway

    • Network is fully functional at all times even without the app

    • No hard wiring necessary 

    • Lighting controls and dimming done per wireless switch

    Get started
    Category 2 Get more control

    A stand-alone solution with granular dimming  


    • Add Philips EasyAir SNS210 sensor in every luminaire to facilitate automated lights upon motion detection. Enables touchless yet comfort experience for end users.

    • Motion and daylight sensing results in highest flexibility to meet application needs while maximizing energy savings

    • Energy reporting on the phone app

    • No extra gateway needed for wireless system setup

    Get more control
    Category 3 Get full integration

    An integrated IoT solution with gateway


    • A ZigBee 3.0 gateway can be added to the system for advanced use cases, such as scheduling, monitoring and energy reporting 

    • Direct system reporting through the gateway dashboard.

    • Work with gateway partners

    • Enabled with gateway software

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    More choice with infinite scalability


    No matter what your lighting plans or needs are, with the Philips field app MC, you can enjoy scalability from simple wireless dimming, to automated lighting with sensors and eventually, all the way to comprehensive, gateway-based projects. Our Philips product portfolio that works with the app, conveniently covers a wide range of application areas as offices, schools, retail and many more.

    product open standards

    Standardized for more options and opportunity


    We are committed to helping drive the connected lighting industry by working with it. That means providing solutions based on open source standards like Zigbee (*pending certification) and Bluetooth Low Energy, while offering software development kits and components compatible with 3rd party products. 


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