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    Philips Smart LED lights
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    Intuitive yet easy-to-use smart lighting

    Philips Smart LED bulbs, fixtures, and lamps with WiZ Connected use your existing Wi-Fi network. Just install your lights and download the WiZ app to turn them on or off, get the perfect ambiance in your space, set schedules, and more.

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    Benefits of smart Wi-Fi lighting

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    Control with the WiZ app

    No more going room to room to turn off the lights — control Philips Smart LED lights from anywhere using the free, easy-to-use WiZ app.
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    Hands-free help

    Pair Philips Smart LED lights with smart home assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts in the WiZ app to control your lights with your voice.
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    Use your existing traditional light switch to control your smart lights using WiZclick. Just toggle the light switch on and off to cycle through your favorite light modes.
    Google Home Smart Wi-Fi LED lighting
    Full color dynamic light - Philips Lighting Wi-Fi LED WiZ Connected
    Color Wheel - Color Light

    Full-color light


    Light your home in millions of colors or shades of tunable white to transform your rooms for every occasion. Set the mood for a dinner party with bright colors, and then dim down to a cozy glow when it’s time for guests to head home.

    Warm to cool white light - Philips Wi-Fi LED WiZ Connected
    Color Wheel - White Light

    Warm to cool white light


    Get any shade of dimmable, warm-to-cool white light with tunable bulbs. Use bright, blue-toned daylight in the morning to feel energised, or wind down after a long day with golden yellow tones.

    Warm dimmable light - Philips Wi-Fi LED WiZ Connected
    Color Wheel - Warm Light

    Warm, dimmable light


    Enjoy dimmable, warm-white light in any room of your home. Perfect for the living room or bedroom, these warm-white lights will help create a relaxing atmosphere in any space.

    Cool, dimmable light - Philips Wi-Fi LED WiZ Connected
    Color Wheel - Cool Light

    Cool, dimmable light


    These bulbs offer dimmable, cool-white light. Use at full brightness to illuminate functional areas such as the kitchen or a hobby room, or dim the lights down low for a more subtle look.

    Smart lighting for your daily living


    Organise and control your lights by groups within rooms over Wi-Fi or remotely through the cloud. Improve the way you work, feel and simply enjoy the environment you're in with our wide variety of different light modes that cover the range from fun to functional.

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