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    Philips Xitanium FlexTune Outdoor driver



    Signify introduces light that adapts – with the latest Philips Xitanium FlexTune Outdoor driver


    Eindhoven, The NetherlandsSignify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has introduced a new Philips Xitanium FlexTune Outdoor driver, designed to realize the transition to flexible, adaptive outdoor lighting. By 2050, 9.8 billion people will live on the planet, 70% of them in cities[1]. As the density of cities and urban areas increases, we need sustainable ways to improve city living. As the way people and vehicles interact with roads and cities is changing fast, a new situation is occurring that demands much more from single luminaires. The latest Philips Xitanium FlexTune Outdoor driver enables luminaire manufacturers to move from static illumination to more adaptive lighting solutions, for various outdoor applications.


    They now have the ability to change lighting output, optical distribution and even tune (white) color with a single dual-channel driver. The driver can be programed independently or can be integrated in a smart D4i ecosystem of sensors, nodes and (remote) city management systems. Answering different needs, for different applications.


    Adaptive lighting can be relevant for many different outdoor applications. The following examples, amongst others, could be enabled by the Philips Xitanium FlexTune Outdoor driver.


    Adjusting to weather
    Bad weather, such as rain, hail, fog, and snow is particularly problematic, as conventional road and streetlighting can cause significant glare for drivers. The Philips Xitanium FlexTune Outdoor driver is designed with the visibility for road users in mind. It enables a single outdoor luminaire with two variable light distributions, addressing glare for road users based on the actual weather conditions (e.g. wet vs. dry roads).


    People and nature

    Spaces that are shared equally by people and nature have always been a challenge for outdoor lighting. The Philips Xitanium FlexTune Outdoor driver offers luminaire manufacturers a simple way to realize adaptive outdoor lighting for parks, suburbs, and places where biodiversity and dark skies need to be preserved. Changing the light intensity or color spectrum during specific times of the night means that the natural rhythms of nocturnal species can be addressed, while still ensuring sufficient illumination for residents whenever they need it.


    Comfort and security

    As more and more people choose to live, shop, and enjoy spending time in the city, the way lighting is used is changing fast. Designed with comfort and security in mind, the Philips Xitanium FlexTune Outdoor driver can change lighting color temperatures from warm ambience settings (e.g. for outdoor dining) to cool dimmed energy saving settings (e.g. for providing just enough light when the streets are not that busy).


    Crossings and intersections

    Unfortunately, most serious traffic incidents involving pedestrians occur at intersections and crossings. The lack of awareness, visibility and stopping time combine to create very dangerous situations. One way to help improve this is to enhance the visibility and stopping distances. The Philips Xitanium FlexTune Outdoor driver is designed to help to improve drivers’ attention with color contrast and dual optic control. A single luminaire can perform a dual role, enhancing visual awareness for road users, and providing comfort and security for pedestrians.


    Road and pavement
    Commuting on foot and by bicycle are becoming more popular as people adopt healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. By combining two directed optics in a single luminaire it is now possible to create light that can focus on the pavement, for increased sense of pedestrian comfort and security. And it can also switch beam spread and direction to the road when a vehicle or cyclist is detected. This could increase efficiency (e.g. dim or turn off light when it is not needed) as well as creating roads and pavements that are more comfortable and optimize visibility for everyone.


    The Philips Xitanium FlexTune Outdoor driver is available from 29/04/2022 across Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Find out more via the following links:


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