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    Fresh food illumination  

    Fortimo SLM Food Warm White light & Fortimo SLM Food Premium Red light


    Dedicated solutions for optimum fresh food illumination


    Food retailers want to make their fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables, bread and meat, look as attractive as possible. And luminaire manufacturers are helping them do so by creating lighting systems that emphasize the reds in fresh meat and tomatoes for example, or the warm brown-yellows in fresh bread. The correct light can have a hugely positive impact on shoppers’ perception, creating an almost mouthwatering effect. That’s why Philips has developed two new dedicated food light sources with optimally tuned light spectra. They provide superior color rendering that present fresh produce in the best possible light.

    Maximum flexibility, unlocking design constraints
    Philips OEM Point Sources Spotlighting

    Key benefits

    • Unique combination of white rendering and rich colors from one LED source
    • Chip-on-Board (CoB) technology, based on - Fortimo LED SLM Gen4 platform
    • Dedicated solution for fruit, vegetables and bread
    • Excellent beam control, small beam angle
    • Dedicated solution for fresh meat
    • Close-up illumination of food possible

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