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    Indoor Point Drivers

    For an appetizing experience

    Interior designers, lighting specifiers and architects are pushing the boundaries of the visual experience, by considering the impact of lighting on human beings in various applications. This requires application-oriented driver solutions in downlighting and spotlighting.


    Our Xitanium Point LED drivers are prepared to meet the requirements that are meaningful to end users. Flicker, audible noise and stroboscopic camera effects now belong to the past.

    Also the window structure for the operating points, to enable future-proof solutions, is being featured up with wireless SimpleSet technology. This technology is now in the process of being adapted to all our adjustable output current drivers. The successful design of our point LED drivers maximizes the system performance with Philips modules as well as other modules available on the market.

    Products in this family

    The Xitanium Point LED drivers are designed with professional general lighting applications in mind, like Retail and Office .There are fixed-output programmable versions.
    The CertaDrive Indoor Spot & Downlight LED drivers are designed to operate LED solutions for indoor lighting, like offices, public buildings and retail environments.
    TrustSight LED Emergency drivers and batteries are designed to offer you a failsafe solution for total peace of mind. In the event of AC power loss, the emergency driver immediately switches from battery charge mode to illumination mode.

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    Indoor Point Drivers

    Flexibility, reliability and quality of light, 3 benefits you can enjoy in every applications thanks to our 3 groups of products composing the Xitanium point driver family. To discover more, watch this video