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    A unique colour experience

    Philips Crisp White LED Lighting


    Retailers want lighting that makes the colors of clothes and fabrics appear rich, intense and vivid. And LED spot light sources with a warm color temperature are perfect for the job.

    Philips CrispWhite technology offers a unique solution of unparalleled rendering of white and colours within one light source. It’s the first retail LED lighting solution to make whites appear pure and bright while at the same time making other colours appear warm, saturated and intense. That’s because it offers two colour temperatures with a single lamp - 4000 K for whites and 3000 K for colours. The result is an extremely attractive display that presents a totally new colour experience to shoppers. One that shows all the store’s merchandise in the best possible light.

    Maximum flexibility, unlocking design constraints
    Philips OEM Crips White

    Key benefits

    • Unique combination of white rendering and rich colors from one LED source
    • Chip-On-Board (COB) LED technologyGood quality light and performance
    • Powerful, compact and uniform light source
    • Excellent beam control, small beam angle
    • Long lifetime > 50,000 hours
    • CRI 92 for deep, rich colors

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