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    Two box LED systems and integrated modules


    Communicating our brands and the values they represent will help customers to select the most appropriate product(s) that will meet their luminaire design requirements as well as go to market strategies.

    Philips OEM Fortimo

    Fortimo LED system


    This consists of a Fortimo module and choice of Xitanium driver, specially design around each other, for maximum performance. Designed and manufactured with robust features they are highly reliable, with exceptional quality of light and energy efficiency. The wide portfolio covers downlight, spotlight, linear and outdoor LED Light engines for use in indoor and outdoor luminaires and comes with a five year system warranty.


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    Philips OEM Xitanium

    Xitanium LED driver


    Xitanium LED drivers are reliable, robust and offer flexibility through the operating window and many smart features. They are designed for Indoor and Outdoor applications, in various form factors with fixed light output, dimming and programmable versions, offering the flexibility to carry out late stage programming and configure the drivers, as required.


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    Philips OEM CertaFlux

    CertaFlux LED system


    CertaFlux LED systems are LED light engines that offer basic product performance and functionalities, with good enough quality of light, meeting the market needs for basic lighting. CertaFlux systems are designed to enable luminaires for high volume market. Currently we offer solutions for the most popular LED linear and downlighting applications. The CertaFlux products meet all EU regulations come with a system warranty of up to two years.


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    Philips OEM CertaDrive

    CertaDrive LED driver


    CertaDrive LED drivers are designed to meet the market needs for basic lighting. They are ideal for high volume applications together with CertaFlux LED modules, or others. Offering basic specifications, such as specific current and voltage settings they will come with a warranty of up to two years.


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