Switching to LED & reducing light pollution at Purley Bury Tennis Club

Tennis Court Lighting

LED Sports Lighting at Purley Bury Tennis Club

Purley, UK

Purley Bury, one of London’s most historic tennis clubs, needed to renovate it's lighting system to meet industry standards, improve playing experience and minimise light pollution in it's residential location.

We always want to offer the highest standard in facilities, so players can focus on what matters; their game. We also have the privilege of being in a fantastic location with close links to the community, so were keen to be mindful of our neighbours and minimise light pollution. The LED solutions Signify provided were integral to achieving this, giving us the flexibility in use while remaining incredibly energy efficient,
-Andrew Gunn, Project Lead, Purley Bury Tennis Club
Purley Bury

Customer challenge

Purley Bury Tennis Club wanted to update their lighting to improve quality of play for their members and comply with LTA performance criteria. Their existing lighting system wasn't user-friendly and consumed a lot of energy. They wanted a new system with more control over how/when the lights were used and to improve energy-efficiency. They also wanted to improve visibility during matches by increasing the height of the floodlights, but with courts adjacent to a residential area this posed a challenge.

The LED Lighting Solution

LED lights - ClearFlood and OptiVision LED - were the obvious choice for this project, using less energy whilst providing outstanding light, quality and uniformity. They also provide a greater level of control (i.e. easily switched on or off) and personalisation (with ClearFlood, it is possible to choose the exact number of lumens needed for the application).

A power saving arrangement was implemented with the LEDs, reducing the number of fittings required and increasing energy savings for the club longer term. Overall this has resulted in a 60% reduction in power consumption. 

To tackle the challenge of higher lights vs light spill, OptiVision LED floodlights were chosen for their precise light distribution. Regardless of wattage, the lights focus where they are needed, acheiving maximum illumination on the courts and minimising disruption to local residents.

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