Bourne Hill Stables creates a safer environment with UV-C lighting

Bourne Hill introduction

Bourne Hill Stables

Horsham, UK

Bourne Hill Stables, home to some of the strongest and healthiest horses in competitive sport, has installed Philips UV-C lighting to protect them from diseases caused by viruses and micro-organisms.

The UK is rightly the global centre for the equine breeding sector. In 2017 PwC estimated that the thoroughbred breeding industry contributed £425 million to the UK economy and supported over 19,000 jobs.
– Roland Standley, Bourne Hill Stables
Bourne Hill customer challenge

Customer challenge

Like all animals, horses face a range of threats from viruses and other micro-organisms. When a disease risk arises, they must be kept in isolation and can no longer compete. Recently, an outbreak of the equine herpes virus (EHV-1) led to almost 4,000 horses being blocked on the Federation Equine International database and the shutdown of international competition across 12 European countries. It follows a major outbreak of equine flu, which can have serious implications for horses and their owners.

Bourne Hill solution

The UV-C lighting solution

Philips UV-C products use ultraviolet light to inactivate micro-organisms and render them harmless to humans and animals. After consultation, 22 UV-C disinfection upper-air wall-mounted units were installed at Bourne Hill Stables.

The devices create a controlled UV-C zone in the upper part of the stable’s corridor. Air is continuously disinfected as it passes through the UV-C zone via natural convection, while daily activities continue below. The system was carefully designed to ensure that neither horses nor staff are over-exposed to UV-C.

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