Sustainable agriculture with Philips LED lighting

GoodLeaf Farms

Guelph, Ontario, CA

GoodLeaf opened its fully commercialised, state-of-the-art vertical farm in Guelph in 2018. This after many years of research at its pilot farm that opened in Truro, Nova Scotia in 2015.

GoodLeaf farms sustainable agriculture under Philips LED
We wanted a partner that could help us scale the business.
-Jeff McKinnon, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President

The challenge

For GoodLeaf, it’s all about sustainability. The facility incorporated innovations to enable the use of sustainable farming practices to execute on exceptional product quality. With lighting being a primary component, GoodLeaf had specific needs that they expected from a lighting solution and provider. The envisioned lighting solution needed to provide scalability while being energy efficient. GoodLeaf was looking for a true partner.

The LED lighting solution

"We’ve been using the Philips products since Generation one back in 2013; we did a lot of testing against the T5 light bulb. The Production Module Gen 1 performed well; they held up over time compared to competitors, and we've used them ever since," says Jeff McKinnon, CFO and VP at GoodLeaf. Over time, GoodLeaf worked with 12 different providers of LED lights. In Signify, they found the partner they were looking for to move forward and to scale their business.
For their 45000 SQF multi-layer growing facility in Guelph, GoodLeaf installed Philips GreenPower LED production modules. The light recipe was designed in collaboration with the Truleaf design team and engineers together with the plant specialists of Signify. The installed lighting system delivers optimal lighting uniformity. 


As a branded producer, GoodLeaf Farms produces and packs fresh, nutritious and pesticide-free microgreens and baby greens year round for Canada consumers. They expect to grow and harvest approximately 1 million pounds of fresh produce per year at their automated growing facility in Guelph. Plant specialists from GoodLeaf and Signify meet monthly to discuss optimising their crop-growth recipe. As part of the partnership, GoodLeaf has greatly improved the predictability of its fresh produce. In addition, Signify and GoodLeaf have worked together to obtain a sizable utility rebate from the company’s hydro provider in Ontario. McKinnon said, 'The partnership with Signify has been very advantageous to GoodLeaf. We will work with them on a go forward basis and very much look forward to that.'

Philips greenpower LED GoodLeaf

GreenPower LED production module static grow light

A static module for multi-layer applications with the ideal light recipe for higher yield, better quality, higher propagation success rates and year-round production. Suitable for multi-layer, indoor cultivation of leafy greens, microgreens and herbs. 

Greatly improved predictability

Greatly improved predictability



GoodLeaf Farms


Vertical farming


Baby and microgreens


Guelph, Ontario, Canada


Philips GreenPower LED
production module

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