Going indoors to deliver great lettuce year round

Ben van den Beuken

Siberia B.V., Maasbree, The Netherlands

Siberia BV is an innovative enterprise that grows greenhouse vegetables in Maasbree. It was established in early 2016 by Peter van Dijck and Luc Willemssen who also own Van Dijck Groenteproducties, one of the largest suppliers of outdoor grown leafy greens to the retail and processing sectors in The Netherlands.

GreenPower LED toplighting in the greenhouse of Siberia
The lettuce is growing even faster than I had expected
- Ben van den Beuken
Siberia BV

Customer challenge

When they began building the Siberia BV facilities, Van Dijck and Willemssen were committed to creating an efficient and eco-friendly greenhouse. Siberia BV’s 9 hectare greenhouse would be used to grow lettuce and leafy greens. The challenge was to meet the increasing demand for fresh produce in the winter period.

The right lighting

The co-owners first considered using HPS (high-pressure sodium) lighting, but Philips proposed using LED instead. With LEDs, growers can go to higher light levels, which are really needed for growing lettuce, and they can produce more in the winter. LEDs also produce less radiant heat, so there are fewer quality issues with tip burn and inconsistent growth.


Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

Philips lighting introduced a LED-based toplighting solution for greenhouse growers, easy to install and no need for water cooling systems.

Faster growth, higher quality, heavier and more uniform plants year round

Faster growth, higher quality, heavier and more uniform plants year round





Lettuce and leafy greens


Maasbree, The Netherlands


Philips GreenPower LED toplighting


Much faster growth with LEDs than on open ground; higher quality, heavier and more uniform plants

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