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    Build your business on quality innovation

    It’s an exciting time for the lighting industry. Innovative technologies are converging to accelerate the efficiency and simplicity of lighting solutions faster than we’ve ever seen before. But innovation is not just about inventing something that’s a world’s first; at Signify we believe the real hard work starts once an idea has achieved traction.

    Improving on the past


    For example, the first generation of LEDs made great leaps in energy efficiency, but they still had a short lifecycle and were not up to the performance level of traditional lighting. For this reason we developed our remote phosphor process to prolong their lifespan and improve efficiency and performance. Another example is SimpleSet wireless technology. It’s giving OEMs the flexibility they were missing by enabling them to program our Xitanium LED drivers at any point in the manufacturing process. And because system component interoperability was one of the greatest stumbling blocks to the mass adoption of connected lighting, we introduced SR drivers. These eliminated interface problems and ensured end users were not locked into a single vendor.


    These are the kind of quality innovations that have helped us to shape the industry. But what does our passion for innovation mean for you today?


    We are opening up new opportunities in a wide variety of applications. Think our office solutions that promote comfort and wellbeing with light that workers can personalize via an app. Or our retail solutions with dedicated LED light recipes that create memorable store experiences, enhance fresh produce – and even prolong its shelf life. Industrial customers can now gather rich insights to improve efficiency and reduce downtime via connected lighting systems that unlock the power of data. And our sensors that monitor air quality, traffic, weather and the movement of people are taking the benefits of outdoor lighting beyond illumination for municipalities.

    Addressing today’s challenges


    Today, our main focus is on three key challenges facing OEMs:

    Optimizing user experiences.

    At our innovation centers we’re investigating the fundamentals of light, along with perception and field testing to define what really matters to end-users. We’re translating the results into specifications for our OEM customers. Recent products that we have developed using this approach include Premium white and Premium color LED modules, both part of our LED flavors range that transforms stores into striking retail experiences. Premium white is now considered the benchmark in retail fashion, producing vibrant whites and delivering energy savings, while Premium color enhances clothing and brings out the best in colors.

    Making the complex simple.

    Complex LED systems can be difficult to navigate so we’ve updated our Easy Design-in Tool (EDIT). It’s now more straightforward than ever to find and select components and compose an entire connected system in just a few clicks. We know that configuring devices can be just as difficult, particularly in customized solutions. That’s why our latest MultiOne tool makes it quick and simple, with direct access to the features already built into our drivers and sensors. It can even be used to configure and test devices during production. 

    Building solutions that last.

    Quality doesn’t just win over your customers; it keeps them coming back for more. That’s why we’re constantly improving every aspect of our products to improve their lifetime and reliability. Can they handle low as well as high temperatures? What’s the best way to facilitate replacement on the module level? And at the end of life, can they be recycled? Answering these challenges improves the TCO of our lighting solutions - and ultimately your reputation.

    Looking forward to the future


    But we also have a firm eye on the future with quality innovations that will help you to address the next key themes in lighting.


    We know that standardized wireless connectivity is the final hurdle in the mass adoption of connected lighting. So, we’ll soon be launching a new EasyAir SNS 210 sensor that works with our MasterConnect app, which allows products from any lighting manufacturer to communicate within connected lighting systems. There’s no vendor lock-in; our customers can swap from one manufacturer to another, confident that their lighting installation will work. And installers can customize solutions using the products that are most suited to their customer’s needs.

    Human-centric lighting

    Looking ahead, human-centric lighting will play a fundamental role in improving how we all live and work. By tuning light to support circadian rhythms and emotional needs we can promote human comfort, wellbeing and thus performance, everywhere from the workplace to care homes. Our human-centric lighting is already demonstrating proven benefits. Premium Office is a great example of how human-centric lighting can improve productivity and workplace satisfaction. Our industrial lighting solutions have been shown to reduce fatigue, errors and the health impacts of shift work. And lighting that we’ve designed to simulate daylight rhythms is helping hospital patients sleep better, recover faster and feel happier.

    Quality insights


    When it comes to the opportunities offered by lighting, no-one knows the market quite like we do. Our deep understanding of OEMs, installers, customers and end users sets us apart from other companies and makes us a unique partner in collaborative innovation. So if you’re curious to know more, contact your local Signify representative. We’ll be happy to shed more light on how partnering with Signify could transform your business. ely to fail, especially when the driver is operating at high temperatures.

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