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    Xtreme modules

    Fortimo FastFlex Gen4+


    Enabling a short development cycle and optical differentiation


    The 4+ generation of the Fortimo FastFlex portfolio has been developed to be backwards compatible with generation 4 and offer a suitable competitive solution for every project requirement. Merging the previous generation 4 DA and DAX versions into generation 4+ DA. For OEMs looking for a one-stop-shop, the standard part of the portfolio enables buying a Philips modules + lense. To have a unique photometrical performance, the FastFlex differentiation array (DA) and the FastFlex Differentiation Protected (DP) enables the use of third-party lenses for an unlimited range of optical configurations. The FastFlex DP additionally allows maximum cost effectiveness and fixture efficacy via IP protection.


    3rd party lenses enabling the exceptional optical flexibility of the Fortimo FastFlex differentiation Gen4 +

    Philips OEM FastFlex Outdoor modules

    Key benefits

    • Short time to market and minimum assembly time via 7 FastFlex modules and 8 standard lenses same used for gen 4.
    • Optical differentiation and short assembly time (FastFlex DA plus third party 2x2 50 mm lenses).
    • Optical differentiation and IP rating (FastFlex DP, plus third party 2x6 and 2x2 70mm IP ready lenses).
    • Complete portfolio with CCT/CRI from 822 to 750

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