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    Major improvements for

    Isle of Wight’s street lighting

    Lighting the
    Isle of Wight

    See how upgrading all street lighting on the Isle of Wight delivers significant energy savings, improved visibility & reduced light pollution.
    Major improvements for Isle of Wight’s street lighting

    Philips was selected
    as our lighting partner

    for the project because of their experience, product quality and the support they offered.”


    - Mike Pearson, Street Lighting Supervisor

    Lighting the  Isle of Wight
    Lighting the Isle of Wight

    Customer Challenge


    The upgrade of lighting and controls is part of a 25 year programme being delivered through the Ringway Island Roads PFI to upgrade, enhance and maintain 804km of roads within the Isle of Wight’s highway network.

    Lighting the Isle of Wight

    The right lighting



    Existing 50W SON lanterns in residential streets are being replaced on a one-for-one basis by 13W and 24W Stela lanterns, providing a reduction in installed electrical load of over 50%. In other areas, Philips Luma lanterns have been installed, with Mini Luma lanterns used in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Over 12,000 street lights will have been upgraded by the time the project is complete, with older columns being replaced as well. In addition, some heritage lighting is being replaced with specially manufactured lanterns equipped with Philips optics.


    All of the lanterns were selected for their ability to provide the required light distribution with minimal upward light or light spillage. The luminaires will be linked to a Philips CityTouch LightWave central lighting management system that will allow each one to be controlled individually or in groups. The lanterns are connected to the LightWave system using the StarSense Wireless system, via the island’s mobile phone networks.

    Lighting the
    Isle of Wight’s streets

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    Ringway Island Roads’ Street Lighting

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