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Lighting isn’t just lighting anymore. It’s taking on a whole new role in our cities, homes, streets and offices as the conduit to and from the Internet of Things. If you thought the transition to LED was rapid, brace yourself for the race to connected lighting – one of today’s most rapidly developing technologies. To help you stay on top of breaking news, innovation and emerging standards, this page connects you to our thought leaders and provides a curated selection of relevant resources. 

lets play the component ruolette

Let’s play component roulette


City authorities all over the world drove one of the fastest technology shifts in human history when they upgraded street lighting to LED luminaires. While they’ve reaped massive energy and cost savings, they now confront a huge maintenance problem created, ironically, by the long lifespan of LEDs.


How can the Internet of Things enable safer and more efficient emergency lighting?


Connected systems open an opportunity to unite emergency lighting systems under a unified communications protocol. Watch Peter Duine and Timm Riedel discuss how the IoT can transform the capabilities and compliance of emergency lighting systems.

hat if batteries in emergency lighting systems could report their own status?

What if batteries in emergency lighting systems could report their own status?


Today’s emergency lighting systems need labor-intensive and hardware-centric compliance regimes. But not for much longer. Soon, self-reporting and software-centric compliance will become the norm and a new breed of maintainers will emerge. By establishing an open protocol for them to build their services on, we can greatly simplify safety compliance and transition to a global standard that makes buildings everywhere safer.

GDPR compliance a strategic opportunity

GDPR compliance a strategic opportunity


The GDPR, introduced on May 25, sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information within the European Union. We’re already up to speed on the requirement to delete data on request. 
As for designing a compliant standards and testing regime, blockchain is a possible solution…

using light to manage space

Using light to manage space


Most facility managers are initially motivated to take up connected LED lighting to reduce energy costs. Based on the 2017 field study by the Design Light Consortium (DLC) in the US, network lighting control (NLC) systems can potentially produce an additional 47% of energy savings to an existing lighting system.  Connected LED lighting is also an obvious way to meet sustainability compliance and the investment pays for itself. No brainer.

OEM LED catalogue
issue April 2018 now available!


As always the OEM LED catalogue presents the full product portfolio of our LED modules, (smart) drivers, sensors and MultiOne software configurator. Next to that, we highlight the products we have 'Just Released' and give you insights in to the innovations we intend to launch in the 'Coming soon' section.

getting streetwise about outdoor lighting

Getting streetwise about outdoor lighting


According to Gartner, “Intelligent streetlights will be one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the city.”[1]  But if that’s the case, most cities are still in the dark. Many authorities don’t know how many street lights they operate, at what power level and which types.

lights down savings up

Lights down. Savings up.


Have you ever wandered through a city at night and noticed entire office floors where the lights are burning brightly, but there’s no one there? Or been inside a building during the day and wondered why every single light is on, yet the space is filled with sunlight? It’s not a small problem. Wasted energy is hugely expensive for homes, businesses, governments, and the planet. And yet the solution is remarkably simple.

How luminaires can work smarter for all

How luminaires can work smarter for all


We all know that lighting can be adjusted in many ways –  from daylight dimming to task tuning via manual or scheduled controls. But while it’s useful to match lighting to different personal preferences, it’s even more useful to understand how and what different settings can create.


Philips Xitanium SR; Top 10 most impactful technology @LuxLive2017


LEDs Magazine lists Philips Lighting Xitanium SR driver as one of the top 10 most impactful technology demonstrations back at LuxLive 2017. “…for reasons that go beyond the technology and here again we will discuss ecosystem and scale. -Maury Wright, Editor in Chief.

DiiA DALI standard

New DiiA DALI standard Based on Philips SR driver


Philips has pioneered the standardization of digital LED drivers to improve interoperability and guarantee compatibility with SR certified sensors, components and management systems.W

Research finds US$1.5 trillion in potential savings in office buildings

Research finds US$1.5 trillion in potential savings in office buildings


See how smart lighting will be a key factor in reducing emissions and offsetting increased demand for energy from population growth and urbanization.

The light connection

The light connection


Stay in touch with lighting innovations that are changing the face of our cities, buildings, factories, offices and homes.

Philips launches SlimBlend LED Lights for replacing fluorescents in offices

Philips launches SlimBlend LED Lights for replacing fluorescents in offices


SlimBlend features an integrated sensor making it ready for connected lighting systems.

The lighting innovations research service

The lighting innovations research service


Navigant Research’s site contains reports on lighting technologies and control systems with unit and dollar forecasts, segmented by application, lamp type/LED, luminaires,and geography. 

The Design of Integration: Pitfalls and Possibilities

The Design of Integration: Pitfalls and Possibilities


Webinar – Dec 14th

Explore the role lighting designers play in the integrated design process, from working with industry trade partners to expanding their traditional scope within project teams.

The connection between connected lighting and apps

The connection between connected lighting and apps


An interesting read from Eaton discussing the smart apps we already have and those we could invent.

Philips Lighting University


Philips Lighting University partners with world-leading experts to bring you up-to-date information and valuable inspiration. There are over 150 learning modules – from webinars to videos, courses, publications and events as well as certification training.

Philips Lighting University

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