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Xitanium LED Xtreme drivers

Xitanium LED Xtreme outdoor drivers


Are the ideal solution for LED luminaires which require high reliability in demanding outdoor and industrial environments. Intense heat, frigid cold, hail, lightning, dust clouds. Outdoor and industrial luminaires must withstand unpredictable conditions in addition to everyday stress resulting from varying temperatures, moisture, and external contact. At the same time, outdoor and industrial luminaires must perform in response to their difficult surroundings: having the right light level at the right time, adjusting light levels during critical situations, and bearing damaging forces over a long lifetime in vulnerable, hard-to-access locations.


Replacing the former Xitanium LED Outdoor Prog+ drivers with wires, our new Xitanium LED Xtreme programmable drivers are available in two configurations - the FULL programmable configuration – for OEMs that demand ultimate performance with complete flexibility - and the LITE programmable configuration – for OEMs that demand high value drivers that provide basic performance and flexibility options. Both models in our Xtreme programmable driver family provide superior specs and features, such as SimpleSet® – an effortless way to configure the driver without turning it on – that establish a new standard for outdoor luminaire durability and efficiency.

Philips OEM Xtreme drivers family

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