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Xitanium LED linear drivers 100W & 150W fixed output iXt (HV/non-iso) + SimpleSet


These are the long expected non-dimmable (and therefore lower priced) versions of the industry extreme (iXt) LED linear drivers.t.


Most important specifications include:


  • New Simpleset technology for simple, fast & wireless configuration
  • New operating windows2.0 optimized for best LED technology for Office & Industry applications
  • Low ripple2.0 (4% @ low & high frequencies) for camera & scanner friendly operation
  • Xitanium iXt LED linear drivers are characterized by their longer life time, better surge and temperature specifications. Remind that recently we improved the temperature reach to -40°C.

Xitanium LED linear drivers - Availabilty information


These Xitanium LED linear drivers are available from stock.


For more information, please contact your key account manager

Ordering information

Timing date: 11 March 2016




9290 015 06606
8718696 555910 00
Xitanium 100W 0.15-0.5A 300V iXt 230V
9290 015 06706
8718696 555897 00
Xitanium 150W 0.2-0.7A 300V iXt 230V