Philips TrueForce provides fast track to LED for Sheffield's Supertram

Sheffield Tramline

Sheffield Supertram

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Sheffield's Stagecoach Supertram has chosen Signify's innovative Philips TrueForce LED Road lamps generating long-term energy savings and a positive environmental impact.

The Philips LED lighting solutions offers several benefits such as better colour rendering, enhanced CCTV visibility, increased traveller, staff safety, and improved visibility at the tram stops. In addition, the energy savings are impressive when compared with conventional light sources and long-lasting products. With instant restrike of the new LED lamps, this takes away the waiting period of HID cooldown in the case of power outages. We are sure we will reap several benefits for a long time to come.
- Mark Tomkins, Infrastructure Electrical Co-ordinator, Stagecoach Supertram

Customer Challenge

The city’s tram stops had previously been fitted with energy-intensive Son-T lamps. They were expensive to run, consumed a lot of energy, and offered suboptimal visibility. Stagecoach Supertram wanted to offer passengers enhanced peace of mind by creating a more secure and reassuring environment, with better CCTV visibility. But modernizing the existing luminaires at all 50 stops could be expensive, disruptive to the service and its customers, and time consuming.

The LED Lighting Solution

After extensive research, Stagecoach Supertram opted to replace all 150W Son-T lamps with Philips TrueForce 40W LED Road lamps. Improved colour rendering enhances customers’ comfort and security at tram stops, enhancing the quality of CCTV footage. The lamps require less maintenance  and have a long service life, improving their reliability and cutting down on costly replacements and maintenance visits, offering a payback period of around just 12 months. Stagecoach can generate long-term energy savings and create a positive environmental impact.

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