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The bans on fluorescent are in effect!

The bans on fluorescent are in effect!

Fluorescent lighting has been phased out

Products placed on the market before phase out may still be sold, but no new stock may be placed on the market.

Fluorescent lighting has been phased out

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Download our leaflet and see which lamps are affected, including a complete overview of recommended Philips LED replacements.

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Due to new regulations and increasing energy costs, the only sensible decision is to switch to LED. Philips offers multiple energy-saving, sustainable solutions:

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Don't get left in the dark

The RoHS ban on CFL-ni will be in effect from February, 2024. Experience a future-proof solution with the wide range of Philips CorePro PL LED lamps that directly replace compact fluorescent lamps non-integrated (CFL-ni) in every application. Benefit from:

  • Lifetime of up to 30,000 hours
  • Up to 67% savings compared to fluorescent lamps
  • Easy 1-1 replacement 
  • Fast installation, minimal downtime

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