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    A fresh approach 
    to lighting

    A fresh look at Coop's in-store lighting

    United Kingdom

    To reduce the discoloration of fresh prepacked meat, Coop removed canopy lighting from their refrigerated cabinets and switched to Philips InteGrade narrow beam fixtures. As well as improving light uniformity and increasing energy savings, the change created significant reductions in food wastage caused by discoloration on prepacked meat products.

    "Having implemented Philips’ InteGrade lighting system we observed a significant improvement in product quality after testing in various scenarios. This prompted the Coop to specify Philips InteGrade as the standard specification on all our refrigerated display cabinets."

    Adrian Crowther, Coop Technical Performance & Design Manager
    Intergrated canopy lighting
    meat products
    Customer challenge

    Customer Challenge

    Substantial food wastage caused by discoloration on prepacked products was the motivation for the Coop FM and Food Technology team to identify a method of reducing the problem. Having reviewed the contributory factors the preferred solution, proposed by Philips Lighting and the Meat Packing partners, was to modify the light emitters in order to minimize discoloration, but retain product appeal.

    The right lighting

    The Philips InteGrade narrow beam fixtures use the latest generation low-powered LED chips and 30° narrow beam technology, for an overall result that reduces hotspots, increases light uniformity and improves the presentation of frozen and chilled goods (maintaining minimal discoloration for up to 13 days), with no canopy lighting required. And because InteGrade uses just 87 watts in a typical cabinet, it provides an energy saving of around 30%.


    This controlled, consistent light distribution not only reduced food wastage caused by discoloration on prepacked meat products, but was also found to greatly enhance the consumer shopping experience. 

    The team


    Epta UK
    Project Partner

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