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    BNY Mellon, Cork


    Lighting BNY Mellon,

    Cork, Ireland

    See how converting to Philips LEDs reduced lighting energy consumption at BNY Mellon by nearly 75%.


    BNY Mellon Case Study

    The installation


    did an excellent job, working through the night within the schedule we agreed.”


    - Michael O’Kane, Regional Facilities Manager

    BNY Mellon Case Study
    BNY Mellon Case Study

    Customer challenge


    At the company’s offices in Cork the energy consumption of the lighting system was relatively high. In addition, employee engagement meetings had flagged up some dissatisfaction with the quality of the lighting.

    BNY Mellon Case Study

    The right lighting

    In open plan office areas 600 x 600 fluorescent fixtures have been replaced with Philips PowerBalance recessed modular luminaires, while LuxSpace downlighters have been used in and around the reception area as well as in meeting rooms. Other fixtures included CoreLine and LED Amenity in toilets and the main staircase. Existing fittings in the communications room, switch rooms and cleaners’ stores have been retained and upgraded with MASTER LED lamps. The new lighting system is controlled through a LightMaster lighting management system which provides comprehensive information on the performance of the system, accessible from a central location.

    The lighting control strategy includes daylight linking at the perimeters of the building and occupancy detection within the open plan spaces.

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