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    Selling best office lighting to small and medium sized enterprises - SMEs

    A great-many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) still use halogen and fluorescent light in their offices when they could be upgrading to LED. Helping these companies create best office lighting is more relevant than ever. They need expert advice. Business waiting to be picked up by you. Find your inspiration, tips, tricks and tools here.

    Case study: E.ON - Santander, Spain

    E.ON, the international power and gas company, employ CoreLine recessed luminaires and an advanced Dynalite control system to create an exclusive and extremely pleasant working environment for their employees. Not only that, but they help to achieve an energy reduction of over 70%. Best lighting for office with no windows.

    Case study: Bosch - Munich, Germany

    The Gasoline Systems division of world-renowned Robert Bosch GmbH uses CoreLine LED luminaires and OccuSwitch DALI multi-sensors to fit their offices with more controllable lighting, offering high  for their employees and best office lighting for their eyes.

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    How to sell office lighting
    to small and medium sized enterprises - SMEs

    The key to successful selling is being well-informed. Shape your ideal commercial approach with our step-by-step guide.

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    What is the best office lighting fo your eyes? What is the best lighting for offices with no windows? Our high quality LED lighting can be trusted. For any budget. Easy-to-install and widely available off-the-shelf. With our online product selector, it's simple to find the LED lighting that meets your customer's needs.
    Always the right solution

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