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    Introducing Light as a Service (LaaS)

    Let your light pay for itself and cut energy costs instantly

    We designed Light as a Service (LaaS), a lighting solution that delivers instant energy savings with no upfront investment, a one- stop shop for performance, operations, maintenance & financing.

    To understand how your company could reduce energy costs, download our Light as a Service info pack that highlights:

    • How the Philips Light as a Service (LaaS) solution pays for itself.
    • The process involved.
    • How it's all calculated.

    The Edge, in Amsterdam, is equipped with a state-of-the-art connected lighting system.  Installing the smart lighting system has resulted in an annual reduction of €100,000 in energy costs and an impressive €3.6 million savings in space utilisation.

    Interact Office is a new energy-saving LED solution in smart lighting systems.  There’s no upfront investment, just a low monthly managed service fee. Suitable for retrofit situations and a tracking dashboard to create data-driven insights.

    Discover more about connected lighting and how it can be implemented into your working environment.

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