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    Use light to
    attract customers

    Attract customers from the outside

    Light can turn your shopping mall into a landmark that people remember and recognize. Use lighting to make a memorable first impression, learn how it can help you entice your customers to enter the mall.

    Exterior areas

    Spectacular, subtle, or elegant façade and landscape lighting expresses the spirit of the mall, generates intrigue, and creates a sense of excitement. Generous and well-designed lighting in parking areas and entryways guides people into the store and makes them feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied when they leave.

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    exterior areas

    Success Stories and Inspiration

    Read our cases and learn more about how we can help you give a stunning outer glow to the mall.

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    Success Stories and  Inspiration

    Operational efficiency

    Lighting can account for a significant portion of a shopping mall’s energy budget—up to 13%, according to studies. While much of the energy for lighting is consumed indoors, energy-efficient LED lighting outdoors is essential for keeping energy costs and consumption low.

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    operational efficiency

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