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    Let's work better

    The work environment is changing rapidly. Technology and personalization are bringing new opportunities and challenges to how workspaces are designed and managed, to employees’ working habits, health and wellbeing, to personal control of the office environment, and to the work-life balance.


    The Smart Buildings hub is all about sharing insights from industry- leading developers, designers, building owners and their blue- chip occupants. Everything you need to know to keep pace with this fast-moving sector and create a happier, more productive workplace.

    Babette Bouman on future trends in the workplace, filmed at The Edge, Amsterdam for Philips Lighting

    I think the future of the office will be more about meeting and talking to people and collaborating."

    - Babette Bouman, Architect, Fokkema & Partners

    Let's make the world better


    Enabling this change is the Smart Building. Intelligent and responsive, it integrates the latest developments in the Internet of Things and always-on communications to deliver data-driven insights that increase productivity, enhance occupant happiness and well-being, improve sustainability, and optimize service delivery and operations.


    Along with highly efficient LED-based connected lighting systems, innovative materials and circular approaches to construction and renovation position the Smart Building sector as an important component of global net zero energy and carbon-neutral initiatives. These initiatives are key to alleviating the severest effects of climate change.

    Discover more topics and trends

    We've identified four key drivers that are changing the workplace now and will continue to shape it in the future.

    Green buildings more than energy saving infographic

    Green buildings

    More than energy saving


    Our increasing demands and finite resources call for a more considered, sustainable and responsible approach to how we do business as urban growth continues. Find out more about the circular economy approach and the real “meaning of greening” in today’s office.

    Connectivity optimizing the office infographic


    Optimizing the office


    Discover how the seamless technology of a “smart building” supports flexible, wireless working, optimizes employee comfort and productivity and offers energy efficiency and control to owners and tenants.

    Health and wellbeing is good for business infographic

    Health and wellbeing

    Good for business


    With generations X, Y and Z now co-workers, each with their own different working styles and needs, we look at how workplace comfort can keep people healthy, happy, motivated and


    Activity based workspaces infographic

    Engagement and experience
    Flexibility is king


    The digital revolution has changed the way we work, bringing with it infinitely more flexibility, choice and opportunity over how, where and when we work. Is your office ready for the change?

    IoT Smart Building Solutions transform the Workplace

    Take a look beyond efficiency, and find out how the IoT can be used to boost worker experience and productivity on Smart Buildings.

    Download the Forrester report: ‘IoT Smart Building Solutions transform the Workplace’ to find out how digital savvy business leaders are looking beyond bottom-line savings, and using their facilities and existing building infrastructure to support top-line growth, by transforming their workplaces.

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