Driving innovations in road lighting

Road and street lighting is
becoming digital

In light of rapid urbanization and far-reaching social and technological change, city authorities face a complex challenge – how to create a safe, attractive and sustainable urban environment at a time of severe budget and resource constraints. One of the consequences of this is that municipalities need to derive maximum value from their lighting infrastructure, with features that used to be nice-to-have fast becoming must-haves.


As outdoor lighting goes digital, LED light sources, luminaires, lighting controls, sensors and software are being combined in integrated, intelligent solutions that adapt to the ebb and flow of urban activity. Harnessing the digital potential of LED luminaire technology will allow city authorities not only to save energy and maintenance costs, but also to achieve their wider ambition of creating a vibrant, livable urban environment for all their citizens.

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Meet DigiStreet


DigiStreet is the first road and street luminaire family that enables you to save on energy and resources, optimize maintenance efficiency, while getting you ready for the digital age. Designed exclusively for roads and streets, this luminaire family is the ideal choice for cities to switch to long-lasting, efficient LED lighting. Available in a range of forms and optics, DigiStreet luminaires can be used in many different applications, making them the ideal choice for public lighting.

Why is DigiStreet the optimal choice

Complete road and street range, enabled by high performing, LEDGINE optimized optics
Serviceable and easy to maintain thanks to the Philips Service tag
Future proof and
CityTouch Ready