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Fortimo LED Line High Flux 3R HV

Fortimo LED Line High Flux systems consist of linear LED modules with high flux, high energy efficiency and a high quality of light. Fortimo LED Line High Flux system are designed to enable LED lighting at higher application heights where more light is needed, such as trunking, battens and high-bay applications in warehouses, factories or big retail stores. These smart systems are completed with the Xitanium Industry drivers offering the flexibility to meet a variety of application requirements and achieving lumen levels up to 3000 lm/ft.

Now the second-generation of Fortimo LED Line High Flux is extended with a module with 3 rows of LEDs, identified with 3R. The design is similar to the design of Fortimo LED Line 3R, a different LED enables the higher flux. An easy way to enable a high flux luminaire design for OEMs already using LED Line 3R, or additional design opportunities for new luminaires. With a module efficiency of up to 158lm/w, a lifetime up to 100khrs and a Tc Life 90°C, the High Flux 3R is ideal for high ambient temperature high-bay environments such as unconditioned warehouses.

Philips OEM Fortimo LED Line High Flux 3R HV

Availability and ordering information


We will produce Fortimo LED Line High Flux on a make-to-order (MTO) and a make-to-stock (MTS) principle. CCT 830 and 840 are MTS, 835 and 850 are MTO. For un-forecasted orders, lead times may be up to 8 weeks. For forecasted orders (MTO) a lead time of 4 weeks applies, forecasted orders (MTS) will be delivered from stock within standard lead time.


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Timing date: March 27ᵗʰ 2015 






Fortimo LED Line 1ft 2000lm 830 3R HV2



Fortimo LED Line 1ft 2000lm 835 3R HV2



Fortimo LED Line 1ft 2000lm 840 3R HV2



Fortimo LED Line 1ft 2000lm 850 3R HV2