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    Don’t Sacrifice Home Style for Security


    October, 2017

    Using lighting to deter unwanted guests does not need to compromise design. Karine Berhanu, Home Product Manager at Philips Lighting explains

    The days of deterring burglars with ugly old-fashioned halogen floodlights is over. For years, options to illuminate the front of the house or garden were limited to simple outside wall lights with on-off switches or for larger-scale lighting, unsightly floodlights mounted on exterior walls to deliver strong beams with near-blinding glare. The latest LED technology innovations have brought advances in lighting for smaller and larger outdoor spaces with more choice over the type of light emitted as well as stylish design.


    When we talk about the advantages of LED lighting, we often consider the energy savings, longer life, cost benefits and durability but from the perspective of making the outside of my own home look appealing, I am also interested in light fitting design. The selection of LED products now on offer are easy to install, water resistant and with motion sensor technology cleverly integrated into the light fitting. My personal preference is for light fittings with a contemporary style but the choices now include multiple designs to suit different tastes.


    One example is the Philips myGarden Raccoon Wall Light which is styled in anthracite grey and lights up outdoor areas with a powerful LED glow. Made with synthetic materials and a minimalist design, it lends a contemporary feel to any home while a motion sensor keeps you extra safe. Another nice addition is the Philips Arbour LED Wall Light which suspends a cube of light within a dimmable aluminium cradle. This eye-catching design casts two powerful beams of light up and down your wall. On dark winter nights, the effect can add a welcome touch of theatre to the wall outside.


    Of course, the practical benefits of this new range of light fittings such as making us feel more secure cannot be forgotten. But it’s also worth remembering that increasing the security of your home can have an aesthetic impact too. Security outdoors does not have to sacrifice style.

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