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Lighting for Modern Living

November, 2016

Turning lights on and off is something most of us do every day. But lighting in the 21st century is so much more. It is no longer just a functional requirement of our home. The right lighting is essential for creating the required ambiance as our homes increasingly become multi-functional spaces.


Recently we explored how people control their lighting at home, conducting research across Europe. We discovered that only 10% of consumers had the ability to dim light in their homes1 despite the fact that over half are looking for the right light for the task at hand and the ability to adapt the function and mood of spaces in their homes.2 A need that is vital when homes play so many roles; one minute they are a space for working the next for entertaining.

SceneSwitch Lighting for modern living

The launch of our latest LED innovation, Philips SceneSwitch, marks the introduction of a product perfect for those looking for the right light scene best-suited to a given task, without the need for any structural changes at home. The new range enables people to switch lighting simply by using their existing light switch to select one of three scenes to quickly and effectively transform their room and set a different scene. With three different light settings - bright light, natural light and warm, cosy glow – you can transform a room from somewhere to study to the perfect place to relax. There is also a version that allows you to switch between just two different colour temperatures, warm white and cool white.


See the product in action here in order to further understand how a simple flick of the existing switch can turn a light into a scene


1.       Sources: Ipsos research across US, Germany, France conducted for Philips Lighting in December 2015, and Frost & Sullivan, The European market for dimmers 1st June 2011.

2.       Source: Ipsos research across US, Germany, France conducted for Philips Lighting in December 2015.

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