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    Luminous flooring


    Interactive carpet and vinyl floor tiles to welcome, inform and engage visitors

    Infinite ways to make an impression

    Provide a dynamic new canvas for your brand with interactive flooring unique to Philips Lighting. Welcome, inspire and delight customers and guests from the moment they enter with personalized greetings, wayfinding, live information feeds and promotions.


    Centrally program your Luminous flooring across multiple locations, or change content on demand from any networked mobile device.


    Our Luminous flooring combines patented LED technology with luxurious Desso carpet and Tarkett viny flooring tiles to create robust and stylish LED floors that are straightforward to install.

    Philips Lighting’s Luminous flooring lets you provide wayfinding and emergency instructions on interactive carpets and tiles

    Luminous flooring benefits at a glance

    Philips Lighting’s Luminous flooring lets you project a powerful brand presence using interactive carpets and vinyl flooring
    Save on energy
    Project a powerful brand presence with easy-to-install and durable LED carpets and vinyl floor tiles
    Save on energy
    Welcome guests with personalized greetings and use wayfinding to direct them to restrooms, exits, meeting rooms and evacuation routes
    Save on energy
    Grab attention and engage visitors and shoppers with animations, promotions and wayfinding
    Save on energy
    Manage interactive flooring content across multiple locations remotely
    Save on energy
    Cloud technology allows for seamless software updates, reducing maintenance downtime.

    How Luminous flooring works


    Luminous flooring is unique to Philips Lighting. It combines our patented LED technology with Desso carpet and Tarkett vinyl tiles to create high quality and long-lasting flooring surfaces.

    System components

    Philips Lighting’s Luminous flooring: Project dynamic messages with the LC Grid LED floor panel

    LC Grid LED floor panel

    Super-thin LED panel with single pixel control displays dynamic text and images. The panels can be joined together to create a larger lit area.
    Philips Lighting’s Luminous flooring: Unique LED-ready carpets in four textures and 14 contemporary colors

    LED-ready carpets 

    Select from 4 carpet textures and 14 contemporary colors. Laid on top of your LED floor units, your carpet remains flush with non-lit areas and can be easily maintained or replaced without compromising your LED floor. 
    Philips Lighting’s Luminous flooring: Vinyl tiles embedded with LED technology create more ways to engage customers

    LED-ready vinyl flooring

    Available in a wide variety of designs and modern finishes, such as wood, mineral effects and graphic designs. 
    Philips Lighting’s Luminous flooring: Project your logo with the LC Symbol (custom) LED floor panel

    LC Symbol LED floor panel

    Make an instant impression by projecting your brand’s logo or custom icons. Or direct people with standard symbols for restrooms, meeting rooms, exits and more.
    Create content and playlists for your Philips Lighting Luminous flooring on any networked mobile device

    Content manager

    Create your own content and playlists to schedule via your laptop, PC or tablet using our web-based content management system.
    Create content and playlists for your Philips Lighting Luminous flooring on any networked mobile device

    LC Grid controller

    The LC Grid Controller is a lighting controller designed for the LC Grid. Each LC Grid has its own controller and can be connected to a stand alone server

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