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    Real insight for real pros


    You’re no handyman, you’re a real professional. Someone who can be relied on to not just get the job done right – but to add real insight. Keep yourself ahead of the curve by discovering new trends and insights in the Lighting Industry. 

    Real pros, real quality

    Download our Guide for installers on how to select the most appropriate luminaire

    New generations of LED luminaires are being introduced all the time, increasing the choices and the challenges. How can you be sure you are selecting the right luminaires, and getting the right light quality for each project? Download this guide to help you make more informed decisions.



    office evolution

    How light is key to the office evolution – the latest trends in office lighting

    Are you aware of the latest developments in office lighting? More importantly are you prepared for them? Download this whitepaper to learn about these new trends and keep you and your business ahead of the curve.



    LED based luminaries

    Evaluating the performance of LED based luminaires – A guide for Installers

    This white paper is intended to bring clarity and to enable evaluation of manufacturers’ performance claims by explaining the different ‘initial’ and ‘over time’ performance criteria for LED based luminaires laid down in recent IEC performance standards.




    Beyond Sustainability – what’s next for your customers?

    Although they are not taking it for granted, your forward-thinking customers have started treating sustainability as a given. How can you talk to your customers about more than being green and what this means for their employees and their bottom line.



    Henk de Man

    Account manager

    TechTron -Veenendaal

    The Netherlands


    In the installation branch there is constant time pressure – meeting project deadlines, everything has to be done fast. We have to get it right first time, and that also means that you need to be able to depend on your suppliers. Trust is crucial in our business!


    Henk de Man

    Tony Carissimo

    Electrical Contractor

    Caro Electric Inc - Marlboro 

    United States


    Work comes to home and home comes to work’ … that’s part of what it means to be an independent electrical contractor. At the end of a long day it’s the simple little things that matter. I followed in my dad’s footsteps, learnt how to make things light up. And get them right first time.

    Tony Carissimo

    Denis Zago

    Professional installer 

    Zago S.r.l Elettricista 


    My father started our electrical business and, to me, time with family is very important. That’s one reason I want to do a quality job from the start, so I don’t lose time going back to fix things. And anyway, margins on jobs are really tight these days. So in our firm we make sure we deliver real quality when specifying lighting components.

    Real insight for real pros


    You’re no handyman, you’re a real professional. Someone who can be relied on to get the job done. Someone who plans well, executes fast and works efficiently. Real professionals count on Philips Lighting.

    Real pros, real quality

    Guess how or Know how?


    The Application Bundles training tool helps installers to create a compelling offer to end-user customers of small to medium sized projects by upgrading the lighting installation and establishing a comfortable workplace. It includes 9 applications: office, corridor, industry, storage, car park, butcher, bakery, classroom and restroom. Looking for a step-by-step guide for one of these applications? 


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    Our aim is to make it easy to build your business. That’s why we combine a full range of LED lamps and luminaires with easy-to-use downloads, tools and installation advice.  


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    Any installation questions? Check our installation videos for CoreLine luminaires and LED tubes. 


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