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    Right first time or

    waste of time?

    Getting indoor LED lighting right - a guide for installers


    The lighting industry is evolving rapidly. New generations of LED luminaires are being introduced all the time, increasing the choices and the challenges.


    How can you be sure you are selecting the right luminaires, and getting the right light quality for each project? Sure, long lifetimes and big energy savings are important advantages of LED lighting for your customers, but are you confident they will still get the right amount of light, in the right place, for each different application?

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    Online tools and product information


    Find all of our tools and product information to help you get on with the job. From product catalogues to lighting design software and everything in between - it's all here to help you get it right first time.



    Learn how to install - See our Installation videos


    See our range of product installation videos to help you quickly and painlessly install Philips products.


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