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    Philips CPD seminar

    27th October at 3:00pm



    Today many cities seek to enhance the urban environment and strive to create unique, beautiful and vibrant places. Dynamic and intelligent architectural LED lighting can transform the night scene.


    Join Philips for a 1-hour CPD technical training session on the creative process followed by lighting designers, to successfully design inspiring architectural lighting schemes.


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    3:00pm Registration

    3.30pm CPD presentations

    5:00pm Coffee Break

    5.30pm Hands on demonstration with the Philips Architectural Lighting Kit

    Tuesday 27th October 2015 - 3:00 PM -  6:00 PM

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    the CPD session



    The CPD presentation will focus on


    • The creative process that allows designers to understand the context of the architectural lighting application, and how to turn that understanding into a lighting strategy;
    • An exploration of the various application techniques that can be used to implement this lighting strategy onto the building, bridge or monument to be lit, including beam shapes, colour, positioning and control;
    • This CPD will use application guides and live project examples – both completed and ongoing projects – to demonstrate the creative process and will be followed by an a hands on session with the Philips Architectural Lighting Kit.
    Brighton marina

    Brighton Marina


    The new look Marina creates that signature look giving the location a distinctive & desirable identity.


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    Hereford Cathedral


    Read more on Philips Lighting projects, see how LED lighting can transform urban architecture and public spaces, creating a vibrant night scene.

    By casting light from unusual angles, everyone’s appreciation of the medieval architecture is enhanced, and the use of the latest LED technology has significantly reduced the cathedral’s carbon footprint

    Reverend Canon Andrew Piper, The Precentor of Hereford Cathedral

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