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    Advisory Services

    Your lighting system is like an important member of your team. Find out how well it’s performing, with Philips Lighting Advisory services. Our consultants will analyse your system’s efficiency, determine how it can be improved, and report what you would gain from an upgrade.


    Looking for ideas on how light can enhance your environment? From simple decorative lighting to city beautification, Philips services will advise you on the best options for your needs.


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    Auditing your energy


    Your lighting system could be costing you more than you realize - and not just through your monthly electricity bill. We offer expert evaluations that calculate how much power your lighting uses, what you’re spending on it, and how much carbon it emits.


    Next, we can determine what savings an upgrade would create, and how lighting could be used to improve wellbeing in your building. The detailed audits will also reveal what work would be needed to implement the changes.


    With the concrete facts and figures that an energy audit provides, you’ll be equipped to choose the best option for your business.

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    Bringing creative ideas to life 


    Next-generation lighting can work wonders for your business – and maximizing energy efficiency is just the tip of the iceberg. Creative illumination can support or help accelerate productivity, increase revenue, turn your building into a landmark, and more.


    Philips is ready to turn inspiring ideas into a reality.

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    Helping you plan, making it happen 


    Determining what lighting concept you want is only part of the journey. Next, you’ll need to decide how you’ll make it happen. Our consultants will help you develop a plan tailored to your unique business needs.

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    Helping you convince colleagues 


    Our consultants will help you to develop clear and convincing business plans that articulate the value of the investment. You’ll be able to explain the benefits of the project in detail, and the work needed to complete it.  


    You may be interested to know that Philips can also help you manage and finance the upgrade. With Philips Project Services and Lighting Capital Services, the investment in terms of your time, hassle and cash-flow can be minimal – or even non-existent.



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