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        Product family information

        The CoreLine Malaga LED family is designed for general road, street and residential application.The family consists of two sizes and uses a Philips standardised-design LED engine as light source and a Philips Xitanium fixed output outdoor driver. Quality you can rely on.CoreLine Malaga LED has been designed to be as efficient as possible, performing the same task as the SON-T 50, 70, 100 and 150 W luminaires it replaces; providing the right amount of light in the right place. The medium-beam (DM) optic delivers an efficient distribution onto the road. The combination results in interesting energy savings which reduce operating costs significantly. 50% energy reduction is realistically possible.At the same time, the investment in a CoreLine Malaga LED luminaire is in many cases on the same level as an old SON-T luminaire, including the first lamp. As the LED light engine in CoreLine Malaga LED will last the lifetime of the luminaire, just by saving the multiple lamp replacements needed with SON-T, ROI is immediate.Ease of installation is assured through the extended gland feature; the luminaire does not need to be opened to connect the power cable. At the same time, the flat glass cover can be removed to allow access to the driver for maintenance, if required. Adding up the functions and features truly make a choice for CoreLine Malaga LED an easy decision. As a member of the CoreLine family, the Malaga LED is easily and quickly available through your local Philips Partner. Simply efficient.Specials;In addition to the standard version of CoreLine Malaga LED as described above, versions with several options are available. As these are specials, and manufactured to order only, these specials do have a longer delivery time. Options available are;Wide-beam (DW) optic.Added surge-protection device 10 kV (SRG10).Marine Salt Protection (MSP) paint finish, e.g. for coastal areas.Micro Mini Pro photocell 35 Lux.Built-in (glass) fuse 6A.3-metres external flying lead cable (H07RN-F).Not all options can be combined. Please consult your Philips Partner for specific details in case of interest or doubt.


        Reliable quality: aluminium die-cast housing and tempered flat glass
        Maintainable, driver can be replaced
        IP65 and IK08 provide durable operation
        Ready to be paired with lighting control and software applications, by being equipped with the Philips SR (System Ready) socket
        Equipped with a service tag, a QR-based identification system that makes each luminaire uniquely identifiable and provides maintenance, installation and spare part information
        Easy return on investment. The investment in the luminaire, by saving lamp changes required for SON-T lamp luminaires, is already re-paid. On top, realistic energy savings of 50% reduce the yearly running costs of the installation


        A direct, one-for-one replacement for SON-T lamps in road, street and residential applications.A purpose-built, dedicated to LED, robust design including the Philips standardised LED light platform and a fixed output Philips Xitanium outdoor driver.Easy installation through the extended gland. No need to open the luminaire.100 Khrs lifetime L70 (or 75,000 hours L80) at Tq +25 ºC).
        5-year warranty


        General outdoor; road, street and residential areas.
        Industrial areas.
        Car parks.
        Public transport, such as buses or bus stops.
        Product Data Sheets
        • Family Data Sheet Localized commercial leaflet PDF 704.6 kB
        • Additional literature The Philips CoreLine family range video gives an overview of the luminaires available and highlights new products, benefits and application areas. MP4 151.8 MB
        • Additional literature The Philips CoreLine segment brochure highlights products and application areas of the CoreLine family range and gives information on specs and benefits. This is the single-page interactive version. PDF 2.2 MB
        Software Plugins
        Product family details
        Ambient Temperature
        • -40 to +35 °C
        • Power supply unit (PSU)
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