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        ColorBurst IntelliHue Powercore brings the precise control of colour and high-quality tunable white light in the same luminaire for outdoor wall-washing and spot-lighting applications. The IntelliHue technology delivers 80+ CRI (2,700 K to 4,000 K) and the ability to tint any CCT between 2,000 K and 10,000 K above and below the black-body curve.


        The IntelliHue advanced approach to colour mixing enables high-quality intelligent colour and white light from a single luminaire
        Redesigned optical system that improves the quality of light which enhances the colour uniformity and colour mixing capabilities of each
        Wide range of new Philips accessory options and four housing colour choices


        Expands customisation with a wide range of new Philips accessory options. In addition to the native 8° lens, five different diffuser lenses can customise the fixture to produce 20°, 40°, 60°, 80°, and 10° x 40° (asymmetric) beam angles. Four housing colour choices (black, grey, white and bronze) – plus the option to add a louvre, full-glare shield and half-glare shield – create new aesthetic possibilities for designers and architects.
        Colour-changing and high-quality white light from the same luminaire – IntelliHue is an advanced approach to colour mixing that enables high-quality intelligent colour and white light from a single luminaire. Multiple channels of LED light sources combine to produce a full spectrum of precisely controllable light, including millions of saturated colours, pastels and uniform white light with CRI of greater than 83 in the 2,700 K to 4,000 K range.
        Improves colour consistency between all LED luminaires in a family with Chromasync technology. During the manufacturing process a calibrated light measurement device creates an algorithm to define a common colour gamut for an entire family of LED luminaires. When Chromasync is enabled, colour consistency between luminaires is achieved without having to manually adjust colour points on each luminaire.
        Meets ASTM G85 corrosion resistance and ANSI C136.31-2010 standards with a 3G vibration rating.
        Delivers R9 values that can reach up to 77. Saturated red light gives objects and surfaces a vibrant and rich colour that is ideal for spaces where ambience is important.
        Features an innovative, redesigned optical system that improves the quality of light from each LED, enhancing the colour uniformity and colour-mixing capabilities of each ColorBlast IntelliHue Powercore luminaire.


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        Beam angle
        • Black, bronze, grey, white
        • - (No)
        • 28.5, 47 lm/W
        • 827, 1481 lm
        • Housing: aluminium die-cast
        • All accessories need to be ordered separately
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