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        Product family information

        Philips FlexBlend is an attractive family of surface-mounted and suspended luminaires, next to FlexBlend recessed. This luminaire range enables building owners to advance their lighting operations, by offering office-compliant lighting with a return on investment of less than three to four years.FlexBlend provides the required flexibility through an adaptable design. This gives the possibility to install the luminaires easily in the building, at any moment. Even when the luminaire is surface mounted, tomorrow it can be adapted to a suspended installation on site. And vice versa. The surface-mounted and suspended luminaire range fits many different office spaces like open plan offices, corridors, reception areas or meeting rooms.FlexBlend is offered in both lines and as standalone, using the same lighting module. This gives users the option to use FlexBlend as standalone now, and tomorrow, as a line. The controller is integrated in the luminaire.As technology is changing fast, the ideal lighting solution is also expected to be ready to incorporate innovations that can help optimise operations further. For this reason, FlexBlend has all connectivity and future-ready options available. As a System Ready luminaire, it can be paired with lighting management systems such as the Philips SpaceWise, and to software-based lighting systems such as Interact Office wired (PoE) and Interact Office wireless and/or existing and upcoming sensor innovations. The luminaire range is therefore future-ready and can be delivered without any system component, and in the next phase, it can be upgraded on site. An attractive opportunity for new installations and renovations.


        Return of investment less than three or four years
        A flexible office with the choice of luminaires to fit many office application areas
        Future ready: scalable and ready to be connected to controls and lighting systems


        Fully office-compliant (UGR <19, L65< 3,000 cd/sm), light level according to office application requirements
        Homogenous and uniform light effect and CRI90
        Various mounting options with suspended ans surface mounted, dimensional variety and 3 Hour emergency versions
        Integrated sensors
        Ready to be connected to software-based lighting systems, such as Interact Office


        Interact Office wired
        Interact Office wireless



        Warning & Safety

        The product is IP20 and as such is not protected against water ingress, so we strongly recommend that the environment in which the luminaire is to be installed is suitably checked
        If the above advice is not followed and the luminaires are subject to water ingress, Philips/Signify cannot guarantee safe use and the product warranty will become void
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        Product family details
        Ambient Temperature
        • +10 to +25 °C
        • +10 to +40 °C
        • Power supply unit with DALI interface (PSD)
        • Power supply unit with DALI and SystemReady interface (Power supply unit with DALI and SystemReady interface)
        Initial correlated colour temperature
        • 4000 K
        Initial input power
        • 25 W, 26.5 W, 28 W, 31 W, 32.5 W, 35 W, 38 W, 39 W
        Initial LED luminaire efficacy
        • 92, 103, 108, 116, 118, 125, 136, 140 lm/W
        Initial luminous flux
        • 3500 lm, 3600 lm, 4500 lm
        Input voltage
        • 220 to 240 V
        • Housing: steel
        Warranty period
        • 5 years
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